When putting children into new programs and hobbies, it is hard to know if it will be something they love and if they will stick with it long term. As children’s hobbies and interests change with their maturity, we often see changes in after school programs and activities that they are a part of.

Here at S.W.A.G. Kid’s Gym, we understand the importance of keeping activities new and exciting, as well as appropriate for the given age group, to keep children engaged and coming back, and for over. We offer classes for children ages 4 months to 13 years, and with the changing class structure and activities appropriate for their age, engagement and excitement to workout and be active remains.

Being involved in activities outside of school and playing at home with parents is very important to the development of any child. Having an outside of school activity or hobby that they enjoy doing helps children to explore their various interests, relieve stress, furthers their learning and creativity, contributes to self esteem, facilitates the sense of belonging, and allows the child to establish relationships with other people. In addition to having hobbies, it is extra beneficial if the child develops a hobby or interest that allows them to be physically active, like S.W.A.G. classes. Most of us are aware of the plethora of benefits that come from physical activity in children like mental and physical development, increased lung capacity, heart health, and bone strength. Keeping children interested and wanting to continue an extracurricular activity like S.W.A.G. sets the stage for them to develop a long term interest in exercise and physical activity.

Extracurricular activities are especially beneficial when they are started from a young age and continued throughout childhood. Kids are often bouncing from one activity to the next when something new and exciting catches their attention. To keep children interested, here at S.W.A.G., we are continuously adapting by adding new classes, games, obstacle courses, and layout of the gym. Giving kids the opportunity to establish interest in an activity at a young age and continue the activity while it adapts and changes with them is vital to their development and will lead to a lifetime habit of physical exercise made fun.

It’s never too late to start your child in the right direction of physical activity and habit building!