Here at S.W.A.G. Kids Gym, we are familiar with the countless benefits of exercise, including yoga exercise for children and throughout life.  At the gym we have different types of classes for different age groups that include gymnastics, ninja warrior, obstacle courses, and group play activities. In 2023, we are excited to announce that we will be introducing a yoga class for our members to participate in.

Since yoga is a type of exercise, the same benefits of typical exercise are true for yoga. However, yoga also unlocks a variety of new benefits for children no matter what their familiarity or skill level is with the practice.

Below are some of the benefits that yoga serves for children!

1. Manage anxiety – yoga is a practice that includes holding poses and breathing exercises.

The breathing exercises serve as relaxation techniques and can help to manage stress and anxiety. Learning to manage stress as a child in a healthy way is an important skill that they will carry with them into adulthood!

2. Emotional regulation- yoga has also been shown to improve children’s emotional regulation.

It helps children learn to be present in the moment while relaxing. They also are able to gain a peaceful state of mind during their practice which leads to improved emotional regulation.

3. Boosts self-esteem – with all types of exercise, a child’s self-esteem benefits greatly.

Perfecting or even slightly improving in a pose will increase their balance and flexibility will give children a sense of personal empowerment and confidence. As always, trying something new while being cheered on and supported will help a child with their self esteem as well.

4. Increases body awareness

The variety of different poses that are completed during a yoga session will help children learn about their bodies.  In addition, they will learn what poses and movements that their bodies are capable of.

5. Improved concentration and memory

One of the most impactful benefits of kids’ yoga practice is the different variety of moves which require children to focus and tune into their memorization skills. Both focus and memorization will help children in multiple areas of their life currently and going forward, like academics.

6. Improved strength and flexibility.

Yoga is a practice that helps to strengthen the body.  These benefits are very well seen in children since their bodies are growing. Increasing flexibility and strength while growing can help to reduce a chance of injury.

7. Teaches discipline

Yoga is a calming practice that can help to teach discipline, how to follow directions, and can reduce impulsivity. It can reduce challenging behaviors in children by providing them with a physical outlet for them to express themselves.

Overall, yoga as a practice is known to be very beneficial and helpful when it comes to adults.  However, here at S.W.A.G. Kids Gym we hope we can open new doors to children practicing yoga and give them the opportunity to benefit from all of the skills that yoga provides!