We all know that exercise and physical activity is something that has countless benefits on our bodies and minds.

Most research in this area is aimed at the importance of exercise for adults of all ages, often overlooking the importance of physical activity in children. Exercise in children has shown tremendous benefits with both their physical and cognitive development.  But did you know that exercise in children can also have an impact on their psychological well-being and mental health. Here at S.W.A.G Kid’s Gym, we believe that implementing exercise into the lives of children benefits them in countless ways.  That is why we strive to instill a habit of physical activity that they can utilize to further their health and well-being into adulthood.

Physical Development

Bone health

Exercises like running, jumping, and spinning help to make bones more dense and stronger. This helps children by making their bones less susceptible to injuries and breaks and by establishing a healthy bone mass early in life.

Prevents future pain

One example of exercise helping to prevent future pain is by teaching children about exercise and coaching them through it, we can correct any movements or postures that are not beneficial. If these go left untreated, they can compound into movements and postures that will cause the individual pain when they reach adulthood.

Improves immune systems

In all ages, physical activity is an immune system booster. As children are naturally more susceptible to get sick, exercise can reduce the number of infections and illnesses that they pick up.

Boosts cardiovascular health

Exercise is known to be a great activity that helps your lungs and heart grow stronger, at any age. By instilling exercise into children at a young age, they are reducing their risk of cardiovascular issues in later life.

Develops good body composition

Exercise is proven to build muscle that support the joints of the body as well as boosting the metabolism. Having more muscle mass and a boosted metabolism reduces the child’s risk for diabetes as well as cardiovascular and countless other health issues associated with body fat and a low metabolic rate.

Cognitive Development

Physically helps the brain develop

Exercise improves the memory and processing speeds of the brain in all ages. Brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to change its connections and rewire itself. Exercise increases the rate and levels of plasticity in the brain as well as helps children with their executive functioning. Kids who have difficulties with things such as controlling behavior, ability to plan, and memory can greatly benefit from physical activity.

Improves sleep habits in children

Sleep is critical to brain development and functioning in all ages, especially children. More exercise helps kids be able to fall asleep faster and improves their quality of sleep. Exercise also helps to reset the brain and let kids get out their energy that is built up throughout the day.

Psychological Well-Being

Reduces anxiety and depression

Exercise has the ability to decrease the severity of symptoms in children who suffer from anxiety and depression. It can also work to reduce a great number of other negative emotional states that children deal with. Exercising also releases something called endorphins in the brain. Endorphins have countless benefits like reducing pain and discomfort, stress, anxiety, depression, and improving overall mood and self-esteem.

Boosts mood

Movement and a change of scenery is proven to help children and increase their moods. Changing the rhythm of the day and setting a new tone, especially when the child hasn’t had a good day or isn’t in a good mood can give them a great boost.

Builds confidence and a sense of self-efficacy

Children who don’t identify as extremely athletic can really build confidence by participating in physical activity when they learn new physical skills. Trying new things and doing it surrounded by peers their same age can really impact the child’s self-esteem and make them more confident, once they realize that they can successfully do new things.

How We Can Help at S.W.A.G. Kids Gym

Here at S.W.A.G. Kid’s Gym, we aim to help children get active and make physical activity something that they enjoy. With the countless different activities and courses that they will complete in class, children will be excited by the possibilities and their abilities.

At SWAG Kids Gym, we understand all of the physical, cognitive, and psychological improvements that come with exercise and aim to have the children have fun while reaping the numerous benefits in these areas.

Our different classes focus on age-appropriate movements and behaviors that get them comfortable and to fall in love with physical activity and the endless fun.