At any age in development, celebrating milestones is vital for a child’s development. The importance is even more so when the child is in their toddler years as these years are full of milestones and achievements that deserve recognition. Here at S.W.A.G. Kid’s Gym, we understand the need for recognition of milestones in our students and take special care to make every child feel special and that their development is important! The early experiences of life for children are some of the most important, as they make a difference in how the child’s brain develops and can influence lifelong learning and health. When a developmental milestone is reached, it is important for parents and caretakers to realize that it was a milestone, and to also have the child realize that their behavior was positive and important. Psychologically, all people want to be made to feel important and like they are doing a good job.

By starting this reinforcement at such a young age, children will develop self confidence, self efficacy, good behavior, and overall better mental health going forward! Additionally, it is helpful to point out to the child HOW they are growing and WHY it is a good thing. If they simply know that they’ve reached a milestone, it won’t benefit them as much. With any activity, children at S.W.A.G. in our multiple classes are all at different stages of their physical development, which is completely normal- no two kids are the same! Our instructors here know that with all different types of kids in different developmental stages, it is important to celebrate milestones that are individual to them, and not the same milestones for every child.

For example, while one child hits the milestone of doing a somersault on their own, another child might have hit the milestone of working up the courage to do class without feeling nervous! Both of which are equally as important and need to be celebrated as such. By understanding what our students need and where they are at, the instructors at S.W.A.G. do a wonderful job of celebrating all different types of milestones, and can’t wait to celebrate more!